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Southern Belle Marketing, LLC understands how important it is to reach out to your customers. Email Marketing is still a valuable way of keeping in touch with your past and current clients, as well as gaining new ones. Whether you're wanting to inform your subscriber base with the latest news about your company, or you want to offer deals and discounts, we know just how to convert your subscribers into returning customers!
Cost Effective

Email Marketing is very cost-effective as you are not having to pay for the costs of printing the marketing material, or the costs of direct mailing out the content. You're not having to pay the outrageous prices of advertising agencies to appear on billboards or on television ads.

Quick and Easy

Email Marketing is a quick and easy form of advertising as all you really need is a couple of images, a few paragraphs of text and you have a full-blown email campaign to send out to your subscriber base.


Email Marketing over print marketing is very eco-friendly as you are hurting no trees by sending out emails to your subscriber base. Not only are you earning your company money and providing a great service to your customer with your emails, you are also helping to preserve our planet.

Targeted Marketing

Email Marketing is beneficial because it is considered targeted marketing. In most cases, you obtained the email addresses in your subscriber base because they are interested in your products or in your company. You can also target them for specific campaigns based on their purchasing history with your compnay.

Analytics Friendly

Unlike most marketing methods, with email marketing, there are many different ways to gather analytics on your email campaigns. You can track emails opened and who is clicking what link and where they go on your website. This helps you understand what is and is not working in your email campaigns.

Easy To Share

The ease of using email in today's world makes it easy to share as well. It's simple for users to either click specific links or buttons in your email newsletters to send to their friends or they can just click the forward button in their email client to share it there as well, potentially gaining you more customers!

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